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Year 5

In Year 5, the children will study:


Spring 2 - Tudor Shields - To go alongside their 'Tudors' topic in history, the children will be making cross-curricular links in Design and Technology and making Tudor shields. To begin, the children will research different Tudor shields designs and shapes and say what they like about these, using them for inspiration for their own work. The children will then design 3 different shields and ask children for opinions on these. From this, the children will make their final design and make a Tudor shield, using cardboard, paint, foil, and adding a handle to strengthen the shield. The children will evaluate their product alongside evaluating existing products and market it.  


Summer 1 - Funky Fruit Yoghurts - The children will begin by looking at where their fruit is from on a map and sorting food into the correct food groups. As part of their tasting session, the children will taste different cereals, fruits and yoghurts and rate how they taste. They will then decide which yoghurts, cereals and fruits they want to use in their yoghurt and innovate 3 different designs, gathering feedback from their peers. Once the children have planned and annotated their final design, they will make their fruit yoghurt, complete with cereals, yoghurt and fruit. The children will taste their yoghurt and evaluate their work. As a final step, the children will think about marketing their product, thinking about branding and designing packaging to sell their product.

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