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Year 6

In Year 6, the children will study: 


Spring 2 - Periscopes - To work alongside their light topic in science, the children will be making working periscopes. The children will begin by researching periscopes, who designed them, how they are used and looking at different designs and patterns. From this, the children will then innovate on these and design 3 ideas, gathering and giving feedback to peers. The children will then plan and make their final design, focusing on the tools and materials needed and making a creation process for an audience to follow. The children will make a working periscope, using mirrors and cardboard boxes, decorating their periscope following their design. Once the children have made their design, they will evaluate their product, existing products and market their product to a specific audience. 


Summer 2 - Pitta Pizzas - As part of their cooking and nutrition lessons, the children will be making pitta pizzas. They will begin by researching how bread / cheese is made and sorting food into the correct sections on a food plate. The children will then taste different toppings for their pizza such as ham, pepperoni, peppers, sweetcorn and cheese. They will evaluate these toppings and choose which ones they would like on their pizza, making 3 designs to choose from. Once the children have their final design, they will write a list of instructions and the ingredients needed for an audience to follow their recipe. Once making their pitta pizza, using a variety of tools such as graters, chopping boards, peelers, etc, they will taste and evaluate their food. As a final step, the children will think about marketing their product, focusing on  branding and designing packaging to sell their product.

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