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Summer 1

Week beginning: 20th May, 2024

💐 Nursery May Procession 💐

Today, we have been learning about Mary and why she is important to us.
We learned that she is the mother of Jesus.
We lay flowers in the prayer garden for Mary and said our Hail Mary prayer. 

Friday 17th May, 2024

Releasing the butterflies 🦋 

This afternoon nursery and reception released the butterflies in the prayer garden. The children were very well behaved and sat calmly when the butterflies flew towards them. 

Friday 17th May, 2024

Numeracy day

Today is numeracy day and we have had a lot of fun doing different maths activities.

We have enjoyed colouring our numberblocks, playing a building block game, building the numberblocks and playing hide and seek. 

Friday 17th May, 2024

Crazy hair day 2024

Tpday is crazy hair day where we have come into school with crazy hair

to raise money for Father Hudson’s society. 

Thursday 16th May, 2024

Counting parent workshop

Today we have had our parents come into school to do some fun activities with us.

We have practiced our number formation in paint, played building block games, played outside identifying numicon in the sand and counting elephants in the water tray. We also practiced our learning on capacity. 

To see all of our photos from the workshop visit the Our Maths Learning tab at the top of the page. 

Week beginning: 13th May, 2024

This week we have enjoyed watching our caterpillars come out of their cocoons as beautiful butterflies. We have also enjoyed playing with our friends inside the classroom and of course having some sun shine so we can play outdoors.

Week beginning: 6th May, 2024

We have been helping Mrs Bamforth and Mrs Machin look after the chicks. 
We all sat nicely around the tray and our teachers let the chicks have a run around the tray. We loved seeing them run around but they did make us laugh by doing lots of poops. It was great fun! We will miss our chicks. 
We were sad about our chicks leaving but we were so happy to be able to play outside this week in the sunshine, 


Week beginning: 29th April, 2024

Our week this week has been taken over by the arrival of our chick eggs. We have been watching them hatch and grow. They have had lots of cuddles. 

Week Beginning: 22nd April, 2024

We have had a lot of fun this week. We have been learning about the very busy spider in literacy, completing puzzles in maths and we have had lots of fun playing in the classroom and outside. 

Monday 22nd April, 2024

🌎 Earth Day 🌎

We have had a busy day learning about looking after our planet. We discussed where we should leave our rubbish. The children all said to leave the rubbish in the bin even at the seaside. We made some finger paint earth pictures and discussed which animals live on land and which live in the sea. 

Here are some of the children's answers to todays discussions:

“ Put our rubbish in the bin, in case it hurts animals.”

“We need to help the animals.”


Week beginning: 8th April, 2024

We have had a lot of fun in nursery this week, even though it’s been very rainy ☔️
We have:

☔️ Made minibeast doodle painting

☔️ Counted and matched the amount of compare bears

☔️ Made the five little specked frogs a log to sit on with the building blocks 

☔️ Played in the doctors surgery

On Thursday we finally got chance to go outside and play. It was so sunny ☀️