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Pupil Voice

Year 1 


Q. Do you enjoy science?


Jorja - "I like science because it is so fun and it helps you with your body parts and your body "


Jamie Leigh- "I like science so much."


Year 2


Year 3


Q. What are you learning about now in Science?


Jovan – "Soils and some rocks .We did a project where you put some soils and rocks in a bottle. We are learning about fossils and rocks."


Flynn–  "We are learning about what rocks are impermeable and permeable."


Year 4


Q. Tell me about a science lesson you enjoyed. 


Arjun – "When we investigated how sound travels through different materials. I liked this lesson because we got to play different instruments and we had to hear them and have a go on them. We got to explore and do an experiment."


Kianna – "When we made the string telephone – because I got to see which one made the higher pitch sound and which one was louder and if it was muffled."


Year 5


Q. What have you enjoyed in Science?


Harvey – "I've enjoyed the tables and and testing the materials."

Jaxon – "I've enjoyed writing the tables down and seeing what happens in the experiments."


Year 6


Q. Show me your favourite lesson.


Eashan – "The Charles Darwin Lesson – I didn’t know much about Charles Darwin and enjoyed learning about him. I know more facts and what happened in his life, I like learning about other people."


Q. What do you enjoy about science?


Zach - " Learning about scientists – it makes you want to become one."

Eashan – "I enjoy it because in science it is different to other lessons and you can do experiments, fun things and writing."

Divine – "I enjoy science because I want to be a scientist when I grow up."