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Summer 2


This half term, we will be writing a character description based on Max in Where the Wild Things are. Then, children will be writing a diary entry as if they were Max from the story. The children will then have a media stimulus which is called The Bridge.


Maths –

  • Overview of year- this includes addition, subtraction, division, times tables and time.
  • Mass- using balancing scales, the children will have a look to see what weights more and why.

Space and positions- the children will learning their left and right turns using dance, outdoor activities and robots.



Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar –

  • This half term, we will be focusing on our capital letters, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions.
  • Conjunctions- and, but, so and because. Children are able to recall their conjunctions using the ‘conjunction’ song we have learnt at school.
  • Adjectives- words to describe nouns.
  • Suffixes and prefixes will be a focus this term to solidify learning.



In History, the children will be learning about our Local Area: Darlaston. The children will look at Darlaston past and present. Also, the children will compare what differences there is now compared to in the past. Children will also be looking at famous people from Darlaston such as Jorga Smith and Eva Abley. We will also be going to Walsall Leather Museum for this unit of work.


Science – Sound

Sound is a fascinating topic that can captivate the curiosity of 6-year-olds. It introduces them to the fundamental concept of how we perceive and interact with the world through the sense of hearing. We will be exploring sound through workshops, instruments and our own vocal chords. 



Cross-curricular links to art/technology in the form of making a music programme. A range of World Music instruments will be used. The children also have a sound workshop booked for this unit of learning.


Physical Education (P.E.)

Children will need their PE kit in school on Monday and Thursday. In PE, the children will be looking at ball skills with Mr Davies. 


Computing –

Online safety- how we stay safe on the internet. This unit introduces learners to on-screen programming through Scratch Jr. Learners will explore the way a project looks by investigating sprites and backgrounds. They will use programming blocks to use, modify, and create programs. Learners will also be introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.



Religious Education (R.E.)

Sharing in Jesus’ life- This unit is designed to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the way in which, as Christians, we are called to share in the life of Jesus. The unit focuses on Jesus choosing and calling the disciples and how they are an example to us of what it means to be a disciple or follower of Jesus and share in his life.


Following Jesus- This unit is designed to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of what it means to follow Jesus today. The unit develops the children’s understanding of how, as followers of Jesus, we belong to the Church and the different ways that the Church, and the different members of it, follow Jesus.