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Photographs of our amazing lessons and work

Academic Year 2023-24

Year 3's travelled back through the years during Egyptian day. The children took part in a fact-finding mission in the classroom of Ancient Egypt. After that, the children decoded messages written in hieroglyphics. Then the children found out what the Ancient Egyptians used as measuring tools and explored a game played during Ancient Egypt and loved engaging with it! Later in the day, the children learned all about mummification and were involved in performing a traditional funeral procession for a Pharaoh. Ending the day by working together in groups to come up with their own ending to a story from thousands of years ago.

Today, Year 5 participated in a Zoom call with Zoom Through History- Historic Palaces. They looked at Primary Source materials to explore the life of John Blanke who was a trumpeter in the court of Henry VII and Henry VIII. They learned about his life through documents and paintings to discover how important he was in the early 1500s. They were able to use their knowledge of the Tudors from last term to help them answer questions and be successful History Detectives.

Year 2 had an exciting morning time travelling to different historic palaces to see how things have changed throughout the ages and what has stayed the same. 🏰👑Children looked at different photos to find similarities and differences between the inside of the palaces and their homes.

Year 4 started their new history unit: Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings. To introduce the topic, they had a fact hunt where they needed to visit different information stations to answer questions on a quiz sheet.

Year 4 had a fantastic day all about the Roman Empire. First, they acted out the story of Romulus and Remus, then they played some Roman games. They used information boards to answer a tricky quiz, acted out being in the Roman army, learnt some Latin words and phrases and looked at a large map showing the growth of the empire. Finally, they saw some Roman armour and played a sword game to finish the day.

Year 2 had a fun-filled and informative day learning about queens.👑 Children learnt all about Queen Elizabeth I’s reign and took part in acting out the defeat of the Spanish Armada.🚢 Children thoroughly enjoyed attending knight school where they learnt how to joust, looked at artefacts of armour that knights would wear and finally took part in a knighting ceremony. 🏰🐎 Queen Victoria then taught us all about what life was like during her reign. Children learnt some begging techniques and played a pick pocketing game. 💰We ended our amazing day learning about Queen Elizabeth II. Children worked in groups to create different freeze frames of her life. 🎭

Year 1 enjoyed visiting Cannock Chase Museum and took part in a workshop all about toys through time. The children made their own peg doll, watched a Punch and Judy show and toured the museum looking at different toys through time.

Academic Year 2022-23

Year 2 held a 'Great Fire of London' parent workshop this afternoon linked to their learning in History. 🔥 The children made their very own house to look like it was built in 1666. They thought carefully about what materials to use as they know houses were made from wood and caught fire very easily.

Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous Egyptians workshop. They got to participate in a mummification demonstration, play Egyptian games, do Egyptian maths and find out lots of interesting information. They really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot from it.

Year 1 visited Walsall Leather Museum today as part of their Local History learning. At the museum, the children used 'gold blocking' to make their own leather keyring, made a leather teddy bear and looked at different leather items. Well done Year 1 for your wonderful questioning and outstanding behaviour🙂.

Year 4 have been using discussion to decide the most and least likely reasons for the Viking invasion of Britain.

Year 2 took part in a queen's workshop to end their history unit. They all became knights this morning and had the opportunity to do some jousting, designed their own crest, looked at some artefacts and took part in a knighthood ceremony. This afternoon they learnt about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I and did some super dancing. To end the day, they completed a big quiz to recap everything they had learnt. All the children had a fantastic day!

Year 6 had a wonderful day learning all about the Victorians at the Black Country Museum

Year 4 had a wonderful day taking part in a workshop all about the Romans

Year 6 enjoyed a live Holocaust workshop with a survivor from this time.

Year 1 learning about toys from the past using artefacts

Some of KS2’s fabulous history work in Spring Term

Year 6’s brilliant work on Crime and Punishment

Black History Month

Year 3 have been practising their timeline skills in their History lessons

Year 4's fantastic double page spreads all about Ancient Greek achievements and influence on the Western World.

Year 6 work - Rosa Parks biography for Black History Month

Year 6 work - Crime and Punishment

Year 5 work - The Feudal System during the Norman times

Year 2 work - Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

Year 1 work - timelines of items from old to new