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Photographs of our amazing lessons and work

Year 4 have been using discussion to decide the most and least likely reasons for the Viking invasion of Britain.

Year 2 took part in a queen's workshop to end their history unit. They all became knights this morning and had the opportunity to do some jousting, designed their own crest, looked at some artefacts and took part in a knighthood ceremony. This afternoon they learnt about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I and did some super dancing. To end the day, they completed a big quiz to recap everything they had learnt. All the children had a fantastic day!

Year 6 had a wonderful day learning all about the Victorians at the Black Country Museum

Year 4 had a wonderful day taking part in a workshop all about the Romans

Year 6 enjoyed a live Holocaust workshop with a survivor from this time.

Year 1 learning about toys from the past using artefacts

Some of KS2’s fabulous history work in Spring Term

Year 6’s brilliant work on Crime and Punishment

Black History Month

Year 3 have been practising their timeline skills in their History lessons

Year 4's fantastic double page spreads all about Ancient Greek achievements and influence on the Western World.

Year 6 work - Rosa Parks biography for Black History Month

Year 6 work - Crime and Punishment

Year 5 work - The Feudal System during the Norman times

Year 2 work - Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

Year 1 work - timelines of items from old to new