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STOP PRESS! St. Joseph's pupils celebrate after achieving musical distinction!

We are delighted to announce that all 140 students St. Joseph's pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 from were awarded Distinction in their exam work with the London College of Music! 

Each year group was examined at different stages, from Ensemble Step 2 for Year 2 students through to Ensemble Level 4 for Year 6, and required every child to learn to play a variety of instruments including keyboards, steel pans, drums, glockenspiels and the ukulele, as well as a range of other percussion instruments. Each class worked together to play as a whole class band.

For the exams themselves, the children were asked to play a medley of songs by different artists, including songs by the Beatles, Ed Sheeran and Queen.

The hard work of the pupils, who were led by music teacher Lizzie Scoines from "Rock it Music Projects" and school music leader Louise Evans, paid off as each student achieved a distinction and they all received their certificates at a special school assembly on Friday 11th November, 2022.

St Joseph's headteacher Kathleen Hinton said she was incredibly proud of the success of the pupils and spoke about the importance of music in the school


Click on the link for the Express & Star Article.

Photograph courtesy of The Express and Star.