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Monday 18th January

Good Morning Nursery, I hope you had a nice weekend. This week we are continuing our learning on being healthy through the story Oliver’s Vegetables!

1. Can you watch the story? What were the main events in the story? Who are the main characters? What is your favourite vegetable?

2. Today we are going to continue practicing our drawing skills and pencil control. Can you complete this guided draw of a broccoli? Remember to follow the steps and hold your pencil correctly. Can you draw anymore vegetables?

3. We know all about fruit from our learning last week, and we have just seen lots of different vegetables in our story today, so can you play a game with your grown up? It’s called ‘guess the fruit or vegetable’. Your grown up will describe a fruit or vegetable, and you have to guess what it is!

4. We have been on a sound hunt to find things beginning with ‘m’ for milkshake and ‘a’ for apple. Today we are going to find things beginning with ‘s’ for sweetcorn. Sweetcorn is a vegetable! Can you watch the RWI video below to learn about s and then colour the items that begin with the sound s? I have even got the rhyme for you so you can have a go at writing it too.

5. You have done some super learning today! We are going to end our day of learning with an episode of Come Outside to learn where carrots come from.

Today's Nursery Rhyme is The animals went in two by two