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Monday 1st February

Good Morning Nursery, this week we are continuing our learning on Jasper's Beanstalk


1. Jasper looked after and watched his bean stalk throughout the week. Can you remember how many days there are in the week? Can you watch the numberblocks 7 to learn all about 7?

2. I would like you to cut out the numberblocks number and put them in order from 1-7 and Monday-Sunday and then match the correct quantity to the numeral.

3. Jasper grew a really tall beanstalk. What does t begin with? We have already learnt the sounds m,a,s,d and today with Rosie, you are going to learn the sound t. I wonder if you can write it too using the letter rhyme to help?
Can you go on a sound hunt, and find 3 things that begin with the sound t? 


Today's Nursery Rhyme is 5 current buns

Today's Story is We're Going on a bear hunt (I know it's one of our favourites)

This week is children's mental health week. In order to recognise and make awareness of this week, each day I will also be giving you a mindfulness activity for you to complete.

Today's activity is to make a glitter jar.