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Week 3 Learning

Challenges for the week!smiley


Fancy a challenge?

Try these activities to boost your brain laugh

In your blue morning book, have a go at these challenge activities: 


  • Write a fact file about the different planets in our Solar System
  • Find out about the astronauts who have been to the moon
  • Write a diary entry of somebody who has witnessed a volcano
  • Write a persuasive argument convincing somebody to buy the new food you have invented. Remember your persuasive language and your comparatives and superlatives. 
  • Write about Mary Anning's life
  • Write the next chapter to The Giant's Necklace. What do you think happened next?



Send me pictures of your work to the email address provided so I can see the fabulous work you are producing yes 

Miss Maher

English Challenges

Monday 18th January

Collective Worship

We may not be able to be all together at the moment, but we can still pray together. You will find this morning's liturgy by following the link below to the Video Resource Centre and looking in the 'Gospel Assemblies' section.

Tuesday 19th January
Wednesday 20th January
Thursday 21st January
Friday 22nd January