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Monday 8th February

Good Morning Nursery! I hope you all had a lovely weekend 



We are going to start off our week with some Collective Worship. 


Whilst we may not be able to be all together at the moment, we can still pray together. 


1. Today we are learning all about patterns. Can you watch Milo and help him create his patterns?

Can you have a go at making your own ABAB patterns? I have attached some sheets for you to complete, finishing off the patterns or you could have a go at making a pattern out of lego blocks. If you have picked up your latest home learning pack, I gave you a little pot of beads. Can you have a go at making an ABAB patterned bracelet?

2. Today with Rosie we are learning the sound ‘i’ for insect. Can you think of 3 things that begin with the sound ‘i’? Once you have watched the video, can you have a go at writing ‘i’ using the letter rhyme to help you?

3. I would like you all to go on a colour hunt ! Use the sheet below to help you, but what objects can you find that are all different colours? You could find different things in your house, or go on a walk and see what different colours you can find around you

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Three blind mice
Today's story is Shark in the park (we read this one a lot in Nursery)