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Spring Week 5 w.b.01/02/21

Author of the week

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Children's Mental Health Week


This week is Children's Mental Health Week. Join the Live Assembly at 9am to join in with this big event.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. There are lots of ideas and resources available on our website to help you. Choose at least 1 activity every day to look after your mental health.

Challenges for the week! 


If you have finished all your daily activities....why not try a challenge activity? These do not have to be completed...they are just extra activities in case you want to complete more learning.  Complete these in your exercise book. 

You also have your CGP books which you can use if you need some work to do and can't access a screen all the time or want some extra work to do. 

This weeks lessons


The work below is compulsory and must be completed each week 

Monday 1st February

1. Let's start our day together as a school community led by Mrs Hinton, reflecting on Sunday's Gospel. Then at 9am watch the live assembly for the start of Children's Mental Health Week.

2. English - improve your spelling by working through the lesson on more suffixes -click on the link below. 

3. Maths - Complete the final lesson in our unit of work about Graphs. Complete the quiz at the start to see what you can remember from our last 4 lessons, watch the lesson and complete the activities and tasks at the end.

4. PE - Exercise is also good for mental health - join in with Joe Wicks today.

5. Science - Complete the science lesson to investigate which materials are reflective. Don't forget to complete the quizzes at the start and the end of the lesson. 

Tuesday 2nd February

1. English - Today we will explore compound sentences -click on the link below to watch have a go at the lesson

2. Maths - In this lesson, we are going to develop our understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division. 

3. Music - Today we will be exploring 6 beats in a bar

4. Year 3 French - Watch the video by clicking on the link below and have a go at the French Purple Mash 2do

5. The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021, watch the video by clicking on the link

Wednesday 3nd February

1. English - Today we are going to write the second part of the opening (Part 2).

2. Maths - We will be using known multiplication facts to derive our 6 times table.

3. RE - Today we will be thinking about why it is important to thank and praise God. Work through the Powerpoint, watch the video of the story of 'The Ten Lepers' and answer the questions in your book.

4. PE/Children's Mental Health Week 2021- Minecraft, A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! watch the video by clicking on the link.

Thursday 4th February

1. English - To develop a rich understanding of words associated with night time.

2. RE - Attend Mass by clicking on the link and selecting the live mass at 10am.Apologies- Mass was at 9am this morning but is still available to watch and join in with through the link below at a time that suits you. 

3. Maths - To use known multiplication facts to derive our eight times table.

4. In computing today you will learn how to use repeat and timer in different games. Practice using the timer and repeat functions in the programs on Purple Mash set as 2do tasks: Tick tock clock and Magician

5. Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - My happy place activity.


Friday 5th February

1. Maths - To multiply 2-digit numbers by 8 using the partitioning method.

2. Log in to purple mash and complete the reading 2do task.

3. History - Today we will find out who were the Celts, and why did they use iron?

4. Art - Shadow art 

5. The last hour: For the last hour of the day on Friday, you can choose an activity that you are interested in to complete with your family. It could be for example: reading for pleasure, baking, playing a board game, exercise or going outside.

We will be making friendship bracelets in school today. If you would like to make one at home I have linked an instruction video below.