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Thursday 28th January 2021

Thursday 28th January 2021




Please watch the YouTube video of the story Sam plants a sunflower. (See link below) 


Sam Plants a Sunflower - YouTube


Today I would like you to use Google/search website, to research different types of common flowers and plants you would find in a garden or park.


With an adult, research what different flowers and plants look like and choose a favourite one. I would then like you to draw your favourite flower or plant you have chosen and label the key features of that plant.


For example, draw a Rose plant and then label the roots, stem, leaves, thorns and petals.




Please watch the RWI video clips below about how to read Green Word Time 1.6 words and how to spell them for writing. We have placed an exercise book in your home learning packs, which will help you to write the words in so you can see your progress and hard work. 


Reading the words –


Spelling the words –




Today we are going to be carrying on our learning on symmetry through exploring symmetry by playing online drawing games.


Today I would like you to have a go at creating a symmetrical picture on the website below.


Symmetry Painter . Games . peg + cat | PBS KIDS


What different colours, shapes or patterns can you add to your picture to make it symmetrical?


What does symmetrical mean? How can we tell if a picture is symmetrical? Discuss this with an adult – see if you can remember from yesterday!


If you can screenshot or take a picture of your work please send it to us!


Work Books:


I would like you to have a go at completing one page in either of the books today. 


Please remember to come and collect your home learning pack so you can complete this activity today.