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Spring Week 7 w.b.22/02/21

Author of the Week

Find out about the author Jeremy Strong and listen to his audio book - Romans on the Rampage. 

Weekly Challenges

Remember - Activities to be completed every day

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be a school or home reading book, a story online or a magazine.
  • Play TimesTables Rockstars or Numbots for 15- 20 minutes. Make sure you play on both sites throughout the week.  
  • Complete at least 20-30 minutes exercise. See the PE page for some ideas.


This week's lessons

The work below is compulsory and must be completed each week. 

Monday 22nd February 

1. We start our week as always with our Gospel Assembly. Click on the link below to list to Mrs Hinton reflect on Sunday's Gospel. 

2. English - Today we are starting a new unit or work about Healthy Eating and persuasive advertisements. It will take us two weeks to complete this unit of work. In our lesson this morning, we'll be finding out more about the features of advertisements. 

3. Maths - Building on our work on length from last half term, today we will be learning to calculate perimeter.

4. P.E. - Click on the You Tube Video links below to join in with the Warm up and Dance lesson 3.   

5.R.E. -  Today we'll start our new unit of work about the season of Lent. Click on the Powerpoint below to access today's lesson. If you click on the sound button's you can hear the lesson explained to you by Mrs Hannett.

6. Computing - Today we start our new unit of work about email. For today's lesson we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using different ways to communicate using the internet.

  • First follow the link to BBC bitesize to find out about different ways to communicate online.
  • Next log into purple mash to complete the 2do task - where you will use 2 connect to note down the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of communicating online.

7. Let's finish our day together by joining in with Dan & Emily from 'One Life Music' in today's short Lenten reflection. Click on the link below to access the video. 

Central Education - Dance Lesson 3 - Warm up

Central Education - Dance Yr. 3 & 4 - Lesson 3

Tuesday 23rd February 

1. Let's start our day together by joining Dan & Emily from 'One Life Music' in today's Lenten reflection. 

2. English - Today we'll be investigating suffixes -er and -est and working on our spelling.

3. Maths - To Calculate Perimeters of 2D Shapes in Mixed Units

4. French - Watch and join in with the Year 3 french lesson - farm animals

5. Music - Watch the videos and learn about 4 beat rhythms 


Maths - Calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes in mixed units

Still image for this video

Wednesday 24th February

1. Let's start our day with our Lent Open reflection. 

2. English - In today's lesson we'll be exploring prepositions. 

3. Maths - Today we are going to be measuring different 2D shapes and comparing their perimeters in mixed units. 

4. R.E. - Find out more about Jesus' temptation in the desert, the customs of Lent  and write your own Lenten promises. 

5. P.E. - Join in with Dance Lesson 4. Don't forget to do your warm up first!

Central Education - Key Stage 2 - Warm up - Lesson 4

Central Education - Yr 3 & 4 - Lesson 4

Thursday 25th February

1. English - In this lesson we will learn some scientific vocabulary to describe healthy snacks

2. Maths -  Today we are going to be looking at different 2D shapes and calculate their perimeters in mixed units

3. Science - Today we will start a new topic on Forces and Magnets. In this lesson we will be looking at how things move on different surfaces. There is an investigation you can have a go at if you can but it is not compulsory. You will need surfaces of different materials such as wood, bubble wrap, carpet and a car or something to roll down them. You could also use a ball or a tin. Please don't worry of you can't, I can always show you this when when you come back to school.

4. Geography - In this lesson, we will be learning about the continent of Europe.

Friday 26th February

1. English - In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.

2. Maths -  Today we are going to be applying problem solving strategies in the context of length.

3. PSHE - The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes - watch and think about the message in the story

4. Non screen based activity