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Homework - Summer Term (2)

Here are some ideas and activities that you can do with your child to support their learning in school.



  • Reception children should read their 1000 stories books and phonics book each day.
  • Practise their phonic sounds with them using the little green/yellow book and any phonics sheets that are sent home.
  • Read our Talk for Writing books together -Commotion in the Ocean, Rainbow fish
  • Play a phonics game from the websites given (Useful website links)



  • Number pairs that make 5 and that make 10. Can your child recall two numbers that make 5/10 quickly?
  • Writing and reading numbers to 10 - practise these using post it notes around the house or fridge magnets that they can order.
  • Counting forwards and backwards. Count as you climb the stairs and count backwards as you go down. 
  • Recognising odd and even numbers, which numbers (using objects) can be shared? Counting in even numbers (2's).
  • Doubling and halving with objects, shapes and numbers. This can be practised in a practical way when playing with small world toys/cards etc. They could cut half of a cake/ apple or find how many half of the sweets is by sharing them out.
  • Sharing into groups. teddy bears picnic - sharing out the right number of plates, cups and food.
  • Talking about mass using words such as heavier, lighter, balance etc.


Topic - Under the Sea

  • Go out on an outdoor walk - what signs of Summer can you see? Are there places near you where you can see animals that live in or near water?
  • Make a sea scene using junk materials - see below for some ideas!
  • Go pond dipping.
  • Watch a nature documentary together about the ocean.
  • Find the ocean using a globe.
  • Make a fish using different materials - you could colour, paint, print, collage or fold paper like some of the examples below.
  • Experiment with things that can float or sink using your bath.
  • Make a magic water picture using wax crayons and water colours.








Our Talk for Writing Texts