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Here are some ideas and activities that you can do with your child to support their learning in school.



  • Reception children should read their 1000 stories books and phonics book each day.
  • Practise their phonic sounds with them using the little green book and any phonics sheets that are sent home.
  • Read our Talk for Writing book together - Stick man
  • Play a phonics game from the websites given (Useful website links)



  • This half term we have been focussing on sorting objects by colour in maths so you could create games and activities to support this at home.
  • Writing and reading numbers to 10
  • Counting in sequence to at least 10


Topic - Celebrations/ Autumn

  • Go out on an Autumn walk - what do they see, hear and notice about the trees, leaves and weather.
  • Make an Autumn picture using leaves and other Autumn items.
  • Talk with your child about celebrations that will be happening soon such as Bonfire night, Christmas and Diwali.  
  • Make a firework picture using chalk or paint and different types of brushes and techniques.