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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 laugh




The Three Little Pigs


We are learning about the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. We are going to be retelling the story and drawing story maps and acting out the story using some actions. This will help the children remember the story language. We will change parts of the story to create our own innovation of the story. The children will continue to build their knowledge of sentence structure and will be encouraged to use adjectives to describe the characters and the setting. The children will become fantastic story tellers!

Maths - Addition to 10

In maths we are learning how to add by counting on by using what we have already learnt so far. We are using our number knowledge to complete number sentences and make number stories to explore number further. The children are always encouraged to use the practical equipment to support their learning and they will continue to use the part-whole models to embed their number knowledge. 



Science - Animal Including Humans


In science this half term children are learning about animals and will be able to understand the different groupings of animals. The children will look at the different features of animals and will be asked to compare them. We will explore what animals eat and where they live.  

Religious Education 



During our Religious Education we will be thinking about special ways we spend time with God. We are going to be listening to prayers whilst sharing our thoughts and feelings. 


During this time the children will be encouraged to give thanks and intercession. 


We will be writing our own prayers and sharing thanks to God. 



History - Changing Within Living Memory

The children in Year One will be thinking about how they can be a historian and think about what 'the past' means to them. 


We will be looking at changes that have happened over 6o years and this includes looking at: music, transportation, toys, technology and communication. 


The children will be asked questions about what similarities and differences they notice with the changes and they will use their historical enquiring minds to find out things about the past.