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Summer 2

Where the wild things are

The children in year one are reading 'Where the wild things are' written by Maurice Sendak. We are focusing on how to describe a wild thing and as a class we are generating exciting adjectives to capture the readers interest! The class are using their imagination to create their own monsters and describing them using similes.  


Max's Journey into the forest...

Max takes a long journey into the forest and sees some weird and wonderful things! Year one are roleplaying Max's journey thinking about his thoughts and feelings as a whole class sharing our ideas. This will allow the children to think about Max's experience of meeting the wild things so that they are able to write a diary entry - writing in first person, as Max. The children will be using what they have already learnt by adding describing words, similes and emotive language to their writing. 


- Describing Positions 

- Describing Movements

- Taking Turns

- Doubling and Sharing 

- Words Problems

- Addition and Subtraction methods


Science - Scientists and Inventors

The History of Darlaston

We are very excited to be learning about what Darlaston used to look like. We are looking at old maps and comparing them to maps of today. We are looking at the features of Darlaston and what has changed over time. In particular, we are looking at Walsall's Manor Hospital today and what it was like back in the 1800's. We are comparing the buildings, staff, medical equipment and technology. 


Sister Dora was a treasure of our local area and she is remembered today for her fantastic work. The children in year one will learn about what Sister Dora did for the Walsall community and why she was/is very important.