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Friday 15th January 2021

Friday 15th January 2021




Please watch the YouTube video of the story Handa's Surprise. (see link below)


Today I would like you to use your new innovated story maps, story props (if you made them) and your knowledge of the story to retell your changed story. I want you to make sure you are using story language and using the names of the animals and fruits to retell the story of Handa’s Surprise.




Please watch the RWI video clips below about how to read Green Word Time 1.3 words and how to spell them for writing. We have placed an exercise book in your home learning packs, which will help you to write the words in so you can see your progress and hard work. 


Reading the words -


Spelling the words -




Today we are going to be developing our learning on Time. You will need a stopwatch/phone timer or clock to complete the activity today.  


I would like you to see how many of each task below you can do in 1 minute / 60 seconds. See if you can challenge an adult/sibling – who can do the most?


The tasks you could do are:    (See if you can think of any other tasks you could do!)


Star jumps             jumps                stretches                hops                  running on the spot


Skips                draw a picture                 build a tower             times you can write your name




Today in RE I would like you to recap the Christmas story using the Power point below.


Then, I would like you to have a go at sequencing the story. Can you draw the main events in the story? Can you add key words / phrases to describe the story?


I would like you think about and discuss the following questions when recapping the Christmas story.


Q1. Have you ever been somewhere and found that there was no room? What would it have been like for Joseph and Mary? Do you think they might have been afraid? Why?


Q2. What would the shepherds have thought when they saw the angels in the field?


Q3. What would you have thought and said when you got to Bethlehem and saw the baby Jesus?

The Christmas Story Power Point