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Spring 1


In English this term, we are studying 'Oliver Twist'. We will be rewriting  the workhouse scene when Oliver asks for more food from the famous book by Charles Dickens. The children will need to focus on setting descriptions, setting the correct atmosphere, describing characters and using speech to move their story on. They will also be writing a set of instructions for 'How to be a good pick-pocket'. The children will use instructional devices and techniques. 



Spellings are given to the children on a Monday morning and they practise them in their spelling books. These are also glued into their planners so they can practise them at home as part of their homework. There is a spelling test each Friday. Children are encouraged to learning all spellings. 



Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, we are studying the book 'Street Child'. We will be looking at characters and themes in the book but also answering comprehension questions based on these using our VIPERS scheme. 



In Maths we are focusing on Measurement word problems, Percentages and Algebra.  Children will also continue to practise their arithmetic skills by using 'Hot Brain' in every maths lesson, with a focus on times tables, addition and subtraction, etc. It is important that the children know all of their times tables as this will help them in all lessons. 



In Science, we will be looking at Electricity. We will be looking at different electrical components and the types of circuits they use. The children will be looking at scientific symbols for circuits and even making their own working circuit using the correct components. The children will test whether the battery changes the brightness of a bulb in their investigation. 




In History, we will start to look at the Industrial Revolution and the Victorians. The children will learn about how the Industrial Revolution helped Britain and also the start of Queen Victoria's reign. The children will learn about the life of Queen Victoria, the differences between classes in Victorian Britain, jobs and food in the Victorian times and what schools were like for Victorian children. 




In Computing, we will be looking at 'Blogging and making and writing our own blogs. Children will look at the features of a blog and what blogs need to be successful, including looking at the safety aspects of running a blog. The children will plan and make their own blog, based on their learning in History.  



In RE, we will be looking at Christmas and Baptism and Confirmation. We will be focusing on the different parts of the act of Confirmation and Baptism, with the children acting out each Sacrament. Children will look at the signs and symbols for each sacrament and be able to discuss why these are important to Catholics.