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Reception Long Term Overview 2020-2021

Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th July 2021

Our last two days in Reception 



These are our last days in reception we have had so much fun this year. We have not had all our school days together but in spirit, we were never apart. We have grown so much and amazed our teachers with our learning and ability to bounce back.


We are going to miss our friends over the six weeks holidays but we will especially miss, Miss Simms and Mrs Hyde who will no longer be at our school. We miss Miss Kempson and Mrs Applegarth but we will see them around school in September. 


We have had an amazing time the past two days with parties and fun games. We made a homemade pool and we splash water at our friends and at our teachers. It has been so much fun. We do not want it too end.


These are some of our highlights in reception.


“Goodbye Reception, I will miss you all so much” – Miss Kempson



Thursday 17th June 2021

Our trip to Rays Farm!

Today was our school trip to Rays Farm.

We had a very nice day seeing some cute animals and exploring on the mystical woodland walk.


We followed the glittery trail to see lots of wood carvings of nursery rhyme characters.

Our favourite was Humpty dumpty, the fairies and Goldilocks and the three bears. 


 We saw lots of animals such as pigs, goats, owls and chickens. We saw a Kunekune pig called Betty who has been trained to sit on command for carrot treats, a mischievous goat called Bertie whose nickname was Dyson because he eats so fast,  a deer called Ivy who wanted to be part of our group and

 a baby goat called Jonah who was 2 days old.

We wanted to bring him back to school because he was so cute!.  


We used our super listening ears to listen to farm ranger Val who taught us lots of fun things as well as showing us how to feed the animals, we had to have flat hands so the animals didn't nibble our fingers, luckily we all remembered what Val had told us and took all our fingers home with us. 


It was so much fun exploring somewhere new with our teachers and the helpers. 




Wednesday 26th May 2021

May Procession 

Today was our May procession, it was the first time we could gather as a whole school and Father Craig even came to school to bless us and Mary. It was very nice to have everyone together after such a long time apart in our bubbles.  We said prayers, sang hymns and laid flowers for Mary.


In preparation for this special day we made a banner with Mary, the Mother of Jesus on it surrounded by colourful collage flowers. We also practiced singing Immaculate Mary and Ave Maria (As I kneel before you), which were the songs in our procession, it was a little bit tricky to learn these new songs but we sang loudly and our teachers were very proud of us. 


Some children wrote special messages on their flowers to give to Mary to let her know that we love her and pray for her everyday. 


Hail Mary!

Monday 24th May 2021


Today is the beginning of Pentecost in our school. We have changed our altar cloths to red and are learning about The Pentecost Story. We made our own flames for above our heads to symbolise the Holy Spirit. These flames are called the Tongues of Fire.


The tongues of fire allowed the disciples to speak different languages as part of our role play from this part of the story we walked around saying hello to each other in French and Spanish. 

Friday 23rd April 2021

Fruit tasting

The children all got to taste lots of different types of fruit and vegetables in school today. We explored texture, smell and taste. Each child had the change to feel the different textures of the fruits as well as smell and taste them.

We enjoyed it very much. 

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Easter Bonnet Parade

Today was Receptions Easter bonnet parade.

We had so much fun showing off our fantastic Easter bonnets.
Please scroll down to see some pictures of our classes favourite bonnets and of course the lovely parade. 


Thank you for making such wonderful bonnets. smiley

Receptions Easter Bonnet parade

Still image for this video

Friday 26th March 2021


Mad Hair Day!


Today was Mad Hair Day, we had crazy hairstyles to raise money for our schools' charity of choice.

We had so much fun looking at everyone's Mad Hair their was colourful hair, silly hair, hair with lots of things stuck in.


We had a great day smiley




Thursday 4th March 2021

World Book Day 

Today was World Book Day, we had a super day. We were superheroes! We made masks and made super wristbands. Our World Book Day story was 10 Little Superheroes. We loved this story and we loved that our friends at home could listen to the story too. We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite superheroes even Miss Kempson dressed up too laugh


We have had a SUPER day!!!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

World Number Day

Today we had a lot of fun with numbers for world Number Day. 

We made badges to show people what our favourite numbers are and then in the afternoon we made ladybirds to show symmetry.


We had a great day! 

26th January 2021

Today we came to school and we had lots of snow in our outdoor classroom. We went out to explore the snow and build an EYFS snowman!

Isn't he fantastic - he even has a school tie to match the children!


Snow Fun!

Today we came to school and saw that we had a covering of snow in our outdoor area. We put our warm clothes on and then went outside to make a snowman and see the patterns our footprints made. We even spotted some tracks an animal had left in the snow when it had walked through our outdoor area!


We had lots of fun in the snow and you can see our lovely snowman we made below.



Week beginning 16th November 2020

Anti-bullying awareness week

This week is anti-bullying awareness week in school. We have been learning how to be kind to others, how others show kindness and how God made us all different and unique. 


Today we all wore odd socks to celebrate. 

Festive Fun


During our last week before we break up for Christmas, the children have had lots of festive fun in Reception.

We have decorated a Christmas tree, helped decorate our classroom, enjoyed a very yummy Christmas dinner, learnt new Christmas songs and performed them, had a Christmas party and lastly decorated a tasty Christmas biscuit.


We have had so much fun this Christmas time at school!

Music Lessons


In our music lessons we have been learning to use a variety of musical instruments and also singing some festive songs this half term!


As you can see we have lots of fun in music and enjoy learning new skills.


We can play the ukulele!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 23rd November 2020

This week we began our learning on The Gruffalo. We worked together and used a range of natural resources to create the Gruffalo's face. 


We thought about each feature he has such as, orange eyes, black tongue, long tusks and terrible teeth! 


As you can see we made some wonderful creations! 

8th October 2020

Visit from the Animal Lady

Today we had a special visit from the Animal Lady. 

We learnt about lots of different animals we had never seen before such as owls, snakes and a tortoise.


The lady explained where each animal lived, what they ate and things they liked to do. We then had the chance to get a closer look as the carried them around for us to look at.


We had lots of fun today and thoroughly enjoyed the special visit.

5th October 2020

Census Day Lunch

Today was Census Day and we had the opportunity to have a special lunch to celebrate being at school.

We had pin-wheel pizzas, sausage rolls, rice crispie cakes and fruit kebabs.


We all really enjoyed our lunch today.