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Photographs of our learning

Pancake Day (01.03.22) Year 3 enjoyed having their very own pancake race in the playground. We all enjoyed a yummy pancake at playtime too!

In Science today we began learning about forces. We looked at gravity and friction. How these forces can work against each when a vehicle is moving across different types of surfaces.

In Science today, the children explored making shadows using a variety of objects. The children had to investigate if the objects could be classified as opaque, translucent and transparent.

The children enjoyed the computing workshop, where they learnt how to programme a computer game.

The Children enjoyed learning dance, celebrating Diwali

The children learnt about 'The Digestive System' in the Science Dome.

We worked with an artist to create some sculptures out of various pieces of wood.

In History we used charcoal to create our own cave paintings.