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Friday 22nd January

Good Morning Nursery, happy Friday 😊 Today is our last day of learning on Oliver’s vegetables


1. I have one more song for you to watch all about vegetables. Before you watch it, can you name 5 different vegetables? See if your vegetables come up in the song!

2. I would like you to play a game of fruit and vegetable eye spy with your grown up. Use the shopping lists below to help you. Your grown up with say an initial sound of one of the items on the shopping list, can you guess what food it might be?

3. We are now going to do some painting. I would like you to do some printing with vegetables. Can you go and find some vegetables you could use? Potatoes and carrots might work well. I would like you to cut them in half, dip it in some paint and get printing! Can you make a pattern with your prints? Or a pretend vegetable patch like in the story?

Today's Nursery Rhyme is A sailor went to sea, sea, sea
Today's story is The Enormous Turnip