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Half-term Fairtrade Project

Year 6 Fairtrade Project


Research what Fairtrade is and how it impacts people all over the world. I will add useful websites and videos for you to use but YOU CAN look at other information.


The project can be:

  • A 2D or 3D model
  • A poster/board full of information
  • A written/typed piece (not just copy and paste from websites)
  • Even more creative if you wish to use your talents - like making a video or an artwork piece.


What it MUST include/be:

  • Images
  • Fairtrade logo
  • LOTS of detailed information
  • Colourful
  • Interesting for anyone who sees it


You can send me photos to AND/OR bring it into school when we come back.


Enjoy laugh

If the Youtube clip below does not work, here is the link:


There are also lots of other videos you can watch to learn from.

The Fair Trade Story

The Fair Trade Story (5 minutes) is an animated short film that provides a succinct and entertaining introduction to the fair trade movement and why it matte...