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This section contains reminders of activities and links to websites to support your child's learning at home.


We encourage you to have a go at the suggested activities at home to support the learning and development of your child throughout their Reception year at St Joseph's.


We are very grateful for your continued support at home and if you have any issues accessing / completing any homework please let Miss Stewart know.



Reading Books


Every Thursday your child will come home with a new Home Reader book. You are required to send in this reading book every Thursday so your child can be read with 1:1 with an adult.

(This is flexible as the needs of the children in class are a priority.)


These books will be aimed at your child's current reading ability. Children will often begin their reading journey on wordless books. The purpose of wordless books is to encourage and develop a child's comprehension and imagination skills, which are the beginning skills they need to develop before they learn to read books with words.


Once your child can blend words (using the RWI phonics scheme at school) they will be given blending books and then home readers with simple words and sentences in.


We recommend to read these books every day with your child to help develop their reading skills.

1000 Stories Books


We have adopted the Walsall Council initiative - 1000 stories from September 2019.


This initiative is to help bridge the vocabulary gap, improve children's language and understanding, expose children to new words and develop a love of reading.


As a school we have invested money into buying quality texts for your child to take home each day. 


Your child will choose a book each day, take it home, read it with an adult and then discuss the 'WOW Word' which is written on a sticker in the front of the book. Once you have done this, you will have a collecting card where you need to write the WOW word in order for your child to gain a stamp. When you have completed your collecting card your child will receive a prize and then begin the next collecting card.


The aim is to read 1000 stories from Nursery to Reception and embed a love of reading in all young children.


We will change your book every time it is sent into school and the WOW word has been written on the collecting card. If we don't see the WOW word on the collecting card we will assume the book has not been read and will not change the book.


We want our children to love to read so we appreciate all the support you can give at home to achieve this.

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