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Thursday 21st January

Good Morning Nursery. Today in RE we are starting a new topic all about Baptism !


1. Do you know what a Baptism is? Watch this video to find out.

2. I have some questions to ask you about the video. Do you think you can answer them?


Can you remember what the special building is called that the baby was baptised in? (Church)


What was poured over the baby’s head? (Holy water)


Who Baptised the baby? (Priest)

3. The baby was Baptised and welcomed into God’s family in front of all its friends and family. When you are Baptised, you are named in God’s family too. For example, you would say ‘My Baptism name is Miss Windsor’. Today we are going to decorate our own Baptismal names. I have created some ideas below to help you. Can you make your name as pretty and as colourful as possible? Can you practice saying ‘My Baptism name is……’

4. Do you think you could write your name or make marks and patterns in different textures? Use the sheet below to help you.

5. Our final activity today is a maths game! Can you go and find a dice at home ? We are going to practice our counting ! Use the sheet below to help you.

Today's Nursery Rhyme is One Man went to mow
Today's story is The Rainbow Fish