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Tuesday 23rd February

Good Morning Nursery. Today we are continuing our learning on Humpty Dumpty


1. Before we do some Humpty activities, we are going to start the day with some music.

2. I would like you to have a go at sticking humpty dumpty back together again. Can you find some scissors and cut out Humpty Dumpty? Remember to cut along the lines and hold your scissors correctly, you might need to ask your grownup to help you a little bit. Then I would then like you to find some plasters and stick humpty back together again.
3. We have been learning a different sound every week. So far we have learnt m,a,s,t,d,i. Today’s sound for you to learn is ‘n’ for net or nose. Can you listen to Rosie? I wonder if you can have a go at writing n too. How many things do you know that begin with the sound ‘n’?
Fred helps us to read words and hear sounds. I wonder if you can join in with a Fred game of 'Fred says' ?
Today's rhyming story is Monkey Puzzle. Can you hear any of the rhyming words?