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RWI Set 3 Sounds Links


Hyperlinks to Set 3 sounds that Year 2 are learning in school will be published on the weekly sub pages.


If you click on the link it will take you to a video of an RWI trainer who will teach a mini Speed Sound lesson for your child - just like they would receive at school. 


Phonics Screening Check - Practice Materials


Please find below a past Phonics Screening Check paper for you to have a go at with your child at home in preparation for their Phonics Screening Check Week Beginning 30th November 2020.


Remember to support your child in pronouncing pure sounds and not add an 'uh' at the end of any sounds as this will distort their blending and reading.


We want the children to try and spot the Special Friends first so encourage them to do this and then orally blend and read each word.