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Home Learning - In the event of class / school closure

UPDATE: 3.3.21

Year 6 will have PE on Monday 8th March. Please make sure the children come to school with their full PE kit.


Also, can any school books (especially copies of Skellig) be returned to school on Monday too please.


Don't forget to bring in your Fairtrade Project and and work you have completed over the last few weeks.


We are looking forward to seeing you laugh


For our DT project at the end of this half-term, we are making periscopes. To make these, you need a cereal box.


Can you start saving your empty cereal boxes and bring them into school anytime when we all return.


Thanks, guys.

Use the links in the Video Resource Centre to access daily Lenten Reflections from One Life Music.

Update 12.2.21 about Google Classroom meetings for after half-term.


Hi Year 6, starting after half-term, there will be 2 meetings per week on the main YR6 class page (not your catch-up ones) on Google Classroom. 


Here are the times:
Mondays at 2:15pm - this is to discuss the lessons for the week on the school website.
Thursdays at 1:15pm - this is your end-of-week quiz to check your learning.


You must try to attend both meetings.

You will either need to click the link OR press the camera symbol at the top if you are on tablets/phones.


Have a lovely half-term break, don't forget to check the 'Half-term Project' page for your homework.


Miss Goodwin, Mr Adlington & Mrs Applegarth

Hello, Year Six! 


As we won't all be in school together for a while, you will find the links and instructions for your work at home on here.  You will be set different learning activities to complete each day.  Please try to keep up to date with the work set and get in touch with us at school if you have any problems. 


If you want to send in any work by email or just want to send an email to let us know how you are getting on, you can email us at


Take care and stay safe.


Miss Goodwin, Mr Adlington & Mrs Applegarth

Activities to be completed every day

  • Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be a school or home reading book, a story online or a magazine.
  • Complete at least 20-30 minutes exercise. See the PE links below for some ideas.
  • Play TimesTables Rockstars or Numbots for 15- 20 minutes. Make sure you play on both sites throughout the week.  
Click on the correct week below to find each day's lessons. smiley

Please complete your CGP workbooks.


I have also put lots of work onto Purple Mash. Work through it as best you can.


Please use the 'Useful Websites' section on the Class Page to access websites to help with your learning.


You could use this time to make revision guides for what you have learnt both at school and at home.


There are lots of other useful links below to give you full lessons.


Please stay safe and take care, message on Purple Mash if you need anything.


Miss Goodwin