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Wednesday 3rd March

Good Morning Nursery. Today is an exciting day because it's world maths day!



1. Today we are starting off our day with some PE. Can you join in with the dance lesson?

2. To celebrate world maths day, I would like you to create your very own number badge. What is your favourite number? It could be how old you are, or the day you were born. I have created a badge template for you to cut out, or you can create your own if you prefer.

3. We are also going to be doing some maths art. We are going to make to symmetrical animals. When something is symmetrical it means it is the same on both sides. You can either choose to make a ladybird or a butterfly.


You will need some paints and an outline of your animal folded in half. You will need to paint one half of your animal and then fold it over so you creation is symmetrical on both sides. I have found some ideas for you below.

4. We are also continuing our learning on Lent. During lent we have to be kind and loving. How can we show someone we love them? Can you create something to show someone you love them? You could also draw a picture of you and someone you love and tell your grownup why you love them.



As it is world maths day today, instead of a rhyming story to end our day of learning I thought you could go on a maths number hunt. Have fun :)