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Tuesday 12th January

Good Morning Nursery. Here are today's activities:


1. Can you watch this episode by Kit and Pup all about fruit? What fruit did you see in the video? Which fruit is your favourite?


2. Now we are going to practice our counting ! Can you find different fruits/food objects in your house. For example you could find, 3 apples, 5 grapes, 2 blueberries and 2 slices of orange. Which items do you have the most of? Do you have any food objects that are the same? How many do you have altogether?


3. Can you count out and match your food objects to the watermelon numbers below? Do you recognise all the numbers? Can you have a go at writing the numbers 1-5. I have attached the number rhymes below we use in Nursery to help you. 


4. I have attached a watermelon counting sheet. Can you count the seeds on the watermelon's and find the correct number? Some of them might be a bit tricky, but use a pen to cross the seeds out to help you count. 
5. Your last activity for today is music ! Our keyworker children enjoyed learning the words and actions to the song 'We like to boogie'. Can you join in and learn it too?

We like to Boogie.MOV

Still image for this video
Today's Nursery Rhyme for you to learn is Jack and Jill