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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning Nursery !


1. We are going to start our day with PE, lets get active! Can you join in with PE with Joe? It’s really important we keep our bodies moving!


2. I have found a video for you to watch with Kit and Pup, this time it’s all about vegetables. What vegetables did you see? Can you draw me a picture of your favourite vegetable?

3. Now we know some different vegetables, I’ve got a challenge for you. Do you think you could sort the food pictures below into fruits and vegetables? If you don’t want to print it off, you could find and sort different fruit and vegetables you have in your home. Do you think you could sort them in any another ways? For example, you could sort your foods by colour or size?

4. We love to get creative in Nursery. Today I would like you to have a go at making some carrot numbers. Can you get your grown up to cut out 5 carrot shapes and write a number in the middle 1-5 or even different numbers up to 10? I would like you to then add the correct amount of carrot leaves on top to match the number. You could make this into a cut and stick activity, like I have shown you below, or if you prefer you can draw them or even paint your carrots!
Today's Nursery Rhyme is London Bridge is falling down
We always read a story before we go home in Nursery. So I thought we could start to end our day of learning with a story. Today's story is Peace at Last.