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Wednesday 27th January

Good Morning Nursery !


1. We are starting today's learning with some PE. Can you join in with PE with Joe? 


2. Jasper's beanstalk grew really really tall. Can you watch Kit and Pup and learn all about long and short objects? 
3. Can you order the beanstalks below from the shortest to the tallest? Can you find things in your house that are really tall or long, and things that are really short?

4. Now you have ordered your beanstalks and found long and short items in your house, I would like you to measure your beanstalks using non-standard units. For example, you could measure them using paper clips, blocks or coins. How many did you have to use?

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Humpty Dumpty
Today's story is Jack and The Beanstalk