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Week 2 Learning

Week beginning 01/03/21


Online Lessons for the week


These lessons are compulsory and must be completed each day.

Monday 1st March
Let's begin the day by completing Collective Worship together. Listen carefully to the Gospel from Sunday.

PE - Active 8 Minute Workout

Tuesday 2nd March

Wednesday 3rd March


Today is World Maths Day! We will be looking at famous mathematicians, tessellations and patterns, cracking number codes and practising our times tables. Play TT Rock stars and use the links below for some fabulous maths games.

Enjoy your maths-filled day!! enlightenedsmileyyes

Thursday 4th March


Today is 'World Book Day'. The Theme for our world book day is Superheroes. We are going to be looking at a book called 'Supercharged Superhero' and even meeting the author in a live meet! Enjoy your day completing all things superhero and don't forget to send pictures of your amazing work. 


The Live meet is via Microsoft Teams and your time is at 2pm! See the link below! 

Hear the book - Supercharged Superhero - By Gemma Everson