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Monday 11th January

Our story focus for this week is Oliver's Fruit Salad ! 

Today's Activities:


1. Can you watch and listen to the story? What do you think it might be about? Who are the main characters? What are the main events in the story? What fruit did you see in the story?


2. We do lots of fine motor and pencil control in Nursery. Today I would like you to show your grown ups how we do a guided draw. I have 3 different fruits for you to draw, following the steps below. Click on each image to enlarge them. I can't wait to see your drawings!

3. Do you know what sound apple begins with? Can you say 'a, a, apple'? I want you to go on a hunt around your house, or outside, and find 3 objects that begin with the sound 'a'. For example, apple, ant, acorn. 


4. Can you have a go at writing 'a' using our letter rhyme 'around the apple, down the leaf'. Use the picture below to help you. I have attached the RWI video to teach you the sound 'a'.

5. When I was a little girl, I used to love watching Come Outside! I have found an episode for you to watch all about apples! I hope you enjoy it :)


Today's Nursery Rhyme I would like you to learn is The Grand Old Duke of York.