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Tuesday 26th January

Good Morning Nursery. I hope you had a super day in the snow yesterday !


1. Today we are starting our learning with music. Can you join in with Miss Ridley singing 'My School' ?


2. In the story, Jasper planted and watched his bean grow into a beanstalk over 7 days. Can you remember our days of the week song we sing during our daily calendar? I have created a video to help you sing along, remember to use your 7 fingers!

Our 7 days in the week song

Still image for this video


3. Now we know we can count to 7, can you go and find me 7 things in your house? You could even go on a walk and find 7 stones or 7 sticks. 


Do you think you could have a go at writing number 7? Use our number rhyme to help you.


4. I would like you to have a go at sequencing the main events in the story. I have written a simple version for your grown up to read to you with 5 main events for you to order. If you want you could even have a go at drawing the main events next to the pictures. It would be lovely to see you fantastic 'writing'. 

Today's Nursery Rhyme is 5 little speckled frogs
Today's story is I want 2 birthdays