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Talk For Writing Challenge

Talk for Writing Shout Out Challenge


At St Joseph’s we use the Talk for Writing approach. We will be using the home learning units as part of our online English lessons which will last around 2/3 weeks. 


Teachers will upload a power point activity to be completed each day. At the end of the unit you will be expected to complete an extended piece of writing. Once you have written your final piece, take a photo and send it to your teacher's class email 


Your teacher will then choose 1 or 2 pieces of work for a ‘shout out’ which will be displayed on the school website/Facebook page for everyone to read. 


Remember to be creative, imaginative and show off everything you know. We look forward to reading your amazing pieces of writing soon! 


Monday 25th January Lesson 1

5 Ways to keep yourself amused in Lockdown

Tuesday 26th January Lesson 2

List Poems

Wednesday 27th January Lesson 3

Word- pictures - using similes

Thursday 28th January Lesson 4

What you are - using metaphors

Friday 29th January Lesson 5

Out of the window - eye spy