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Thursday 7th January

We are going to continue our activities around Oliver's Milkshake!


Today's activities...


1. Yesterday you had lots of fun exploring different capacities using water. Can you complete this cut and stick activity? You have to sort all the pictures into full, half full and empty. Can you use the correct vocabulary as you stick the objects into their group?


2. I have attached an outline of a milkshake. Can you design your very own milkshake? Have a go at writing 'm' for milkshake. We can use a letter rhyme to help us 'down Maisie, over the mountain, mountain'. Look at the picture below to help you .


3. In the story, Oliver realises he likes milk when he tries a milkshake. Can you try and make your own milkshake? What fruit are you going to use, will you use more than one? I can't wait to see if you like your milkshakes!


4. Do you know where milk comes from? Watch the video below to find out!

If you can't print off the cut and stick activity, could you get your grown up to draw you different cups for you to colour them in full, half full and empty? 
Today's Nursery Rhyme for you to learn is I can sing a rainbow