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Monday 22nd February 2021

Monday 22nd February 2021


Gospel Assembly:


Lenten Daily Reflection:




Our new topic this half term is Traditional Stories.


Today I would like you to listen to and read together the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


Once you have listened to the story I would like you to draw a simple story map to describe the key events in the story.


Can you add in any key words? – Little Red riding hood, Grandma, wolf, forest etc.




For our RWI sessions for the next couple of weeks we are going to be focusing on specific RWI skills. There is options of links below depending on what your child needs further support with. I have tried to cover a range of skills so please choose the link which best supports your child. Be it, set 1 sounds, oral blending or reading paper Ditty short stories. Please also remember to practice writing some of the words mentioned in either of the links you choose.


Set 1 sound - ch -


Learning to oral blend – Lesson 1 -


Paper Ditty Story 1 – See picture of the story below.




Please watch the Cbeebies video clip about number 16. (See link below)


I would like you to have a go at writing the number 16, using the number rhymes - a line down and it's done (1), down the spoon and round the bowl. (6).


Then I would like you to have a go at making the number 16 in different ways, e.g. 15 + 1 = 16, 10 + 6 = 16, 8 + 8 = 16 etc. Can you put this into a part-whole model to show the whole number (16) and then the two numbers/parts it can be broken into (10+6 etc.) 




Today in RE we are going to be beginning our learning on Lent. We have now entered the Catholic season of Lent.


Today, I would like you to begin to understand what the season on Lent is all about. Please read through the power point with an adult and discuss what is Lent is.


Once you have read through the power point I would like you to think about 1 thing you can do during Lent this year to either help others or give up.


I would then like you to draw a poster / picture of the 1 thing you are going to do to help others or give up for the season of Lent. Put this picture up in your home to remind you every day of what you have decided to do this Lent.


Mental Wellbeing/PSHE Activity:


For your mental wellbeing activity this week, we have provided links below to guided meditations which you can choose to do at a time or day that suits you best. We hope the meditations help you to feel calm, relaxed and happy.  Rainbow Waterfall  – Magic Treehouse

RE Lent Power point

RWI Ditty Story 1