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Tuesday 2nd February

Good Morning Nursery


1. We are starting the day with some music. Can you join in with the cocoa cola song?


2. Today we are learning about more and less. Can you watch the numberblocks video to learn all about who has more or less?

3. Can you complete the which one has more and the which one has less sheets? If you would like a challenge I have also added a sheet for you to complete about which ones are the same
4. Can you find different objects around your house and tell your grown up what you have more of or less of or if you have any the same? You could do it with lego pieces, coloured crayons or even sort the colour of your socks!
Today's Nursery Rhyme is The Muffin Man
Today's story is Sharing a Shell

Sharing a Shell

Today's mindfulness activity is some cosmic yoga ! Can you join in with the listening game?