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Wednesday 3rd February

Good Morning Nursery


  1. We are starting the day with PE. Can you complete the name PE challenge? Can you find the different letters in your name on the sheet and complete the exercise?

2. Can you re-watch the video on what plants need to grow? We having been learning the last few weeks that in order for us to grow and be healthy we need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Plants need lots of key nutrients too! If a seed gets all the care it needs it will start to grow. When the seed grows, it will start to grow roots, a stem and leaves and then the flower. Can you label the main parts of the plant below?

Can you have a go at drawing a plant with all the correct parts? (remember to include the roots, stem, leaves and petals)

3. Now we know the main parts of a plant, I would like you to make your very own beanstalk. You can use paint, or create one using toilet rolls and paper. I would love you to be as creative as possible, but I have found some ideas to help you.

I have put a paint activity onto purple mash. Can you have a go at making your own beanstalk on your computer or tablet?



Today's Nursery Rhyme is The big ship sails

Today's wellbeing activity is a story we read all the time in Nursery, it’s called The colour monster. Can you listen to the story and then have a think things that make you sad, happy, worried or angry. Can you draw them in the different jars using the colours of the characters?