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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Nursery,


1. Today we are starting our day of learning with some music. Can you learn three little birds?



2. We started learning about positional language in Nursery using one of our favourite videos ‘where’s the monkey?’. Can you watch it and tell your grown up where the monkey is? Remember we don’t shout there, we use the proper vocabulary such as ‘underneath’, ‘next to’ ‘on top’

3. Can you have a go at putting your teddy in the correct position using the sheet to help you?
4. Today is safer internet day. As part of showing awareness of how we can keep safe online, can you ask your grownup to read DigiDucks Big Decision to you? What is the story about? Can you talk about the illustrations?
Can you have a go at creating a duck like DigiDuck? You could create a duck mask, or paint or collage a duck. I wonder if you can read and act the story out, pretending to be DigiDuck? 
Today's Nursery Rhyme is Twinkle Twinkle