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Wednesday 6th January

This week we are starting our topic 'Happy, Healthy Me'! 


Our story focus for the week is Oliver's Milkshake 


You can watch and listen to the story here...

Today's Activities...


1. Listen to the story. Can you guess what it might be about? Who are the main characters? What happens in the story?


2. The front cover of Oliver's Milkshake shows a picture of his milkshake full to the top! Can you fill your sink up with some water and have fun filling up different containers to the top, half full, or even leave some empty. Which containers hold the most or the least amount of water? Can you count the amount of containers you have used? Talk to your grown ups about the fabulous vocabulary you have learnt about capacity!


3. Do you know what sound milkshake starts with ? Can you find 5 items in your house, or outside that begin with the sound 'm' ?






We sing lots of Nursery Rhymes in Nursery! Every day I am going to upload a new Nursery Rhyme for you to learn and sing. Can you hear the words that sound the same? Can you make up some actions for your Nursery Rhyme?