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Home Learning - In the event of class / school closure

Hello Y4,

As you know we cannot all be in school together at the moment but there will be activities and lessons for you to complete each day.


Activities to complete each day

1. Read  for 20 minutes -it can be your school reading book as well as any other reading books you have at home or on line stories or magazines.

2. Go on TT Rock Stars and Numbots for 20 minutes.

3. Learn the facts on your passport for Maths. 10 minutes

4. Complete on line lessons on this page and record any work in your morning task book which will be available to collect.

5. Complete work books that are sent home.


If you want to send any work by email or just want to let us know how you are getting on, you can email us at 



Take care and stay safe. Hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Waller and Miss Cato


Year 4, I have set up a battle between the girls and the boys on TT Rock Stars.

The battle will last all week.


I need you to battle against each other practising your times tables!

I will be checking !  Boys, don't let the girls win!   Girls, don't let the boys win!

Have fun!