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Shout Outs

Here you will find photos of all the amazing Talk for Writing extended pieces of work you are doing whilst school is closed!


We are proud of your hard work laugh


Alise has written a fantastic poem called 'Sophie the Magic Unicorn'. 

I am very impressed with what she has written for many reasons. Alise has remembered all her full stops and she has great spelling. I like how she has described all the parts of the unicorn using adjectives and similes. I particularly like the one which describes her hair as pink as a flamingo! 


Bailey has been busy in school writing a discussion text 'Should animals be kept in zoos or not?' 

He always works hard and applies what he has learnt into his final piece of writing. Bailey had lots of ideas that he used for his for and against arguments. He made sure to use time conjunctions and conjunctions in order to make his writing more interesting for the reader. He has also been working hard with his handwriting over the past few weeks. Keep up the great work Bailey! 

I am very impressed with what Akaash has been doing during his Friday afternoon screen free time. Akaash has been keeping fit, thanking the NHS for all their hard work as well as creating a time capsule. I think that is a great idea! 

Logan has written a fantastic poem called 'Jake and the magical dong'. He has remembered all his capital letters and full stops. Logan has used some brilliant adjectives and similes to add description. This allows the reader to really imagine what it looks like. I particularly like the sentence that describes his black ears! 




Joey has been working really hard with his handwriting while in school. Keep up the great work! laugh