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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Wednesday 13th January 2021




Please watch the YouTube video of the story Handa's Surprise. (see link below)


I would like you to have a go at writing two sentences to describe the main characters – Handa and Akeyo from the story. Think about their features and how they dress etc. For example, Handa has black hair. / Akeyo has a blue dress. / Handa has short hair.


Remember to use your phonics to help you spell and write your sentences, as well as finger spaces between words, capital letters at the beginning and for their names, and a full stop at the end of each sentence.




Please watch the RWI video clips below about how to read Green Word Time 1.3 words and how to spell them for writing. We have placed an exercise book in your home learning packs, which will help you to write the words in so you can see your progress and hard work. 


Reading the words -


Spelling the words -




Please watch the Cbeebies video clip about number 12. (see link below) 


I would like you to have a go at creating the number 12 numberblock character. You could do this by drawing it in your exercise book, creating it out of playdough or by using toys/junk modelling objects.


Then I would like you to have a go at making the number 12 numberblock character in different ways, e.g. number 10 numberblock with a number 2 numberblock / number 6 numberblock with another number 6 numberblock etc. How many ways can you make 12 using the different numberblock characters?


Work Books:


I would like you to have a go at completing one page in either of the books today. 


Please remember to come and collect your home learning pack so you can complete this activity today.