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Tuesday 19th January

Good Morning Nursery, today we are going to have lots of fun exploring vegetables!

1. We are starting our learning today listening and learning the Vegetable song! What vegetables did you see in the song? Do you have any of these vegetables at home? Can you have a go at drawing any of the vegetables in the video

2. Can you go and  find different vegetables you have in your home? We are going to use our senses to explore the vegetables. Can you remember our 5 different senses? You might want to cut your vegetables in half so you can see what they look like inside. What do they feel, smell, look and taste like? I have attached a document of some questions to help you explore your different vegetables

3. We are now going to sort our vegetables into different groups. How many vegetables have you got altogether? How many ways can you sort your vegetables? You could sort them into long and short, heavy and light or hard and soft. Use the sheet below to help you

4. We are going to end our learning with an action song ! Can you join in with ‘It’s warm up time’ ?

Today's Nursery Rhyme is If you're happy and you know it

 (this is Miss Windsor's favourite!)