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Spring 2 Week 2 w.b. 01.03.21

Don't forget to compete in the battle on TT Rock stars. The girls are winning each week! Come on boys, you need to catch up !

Online Lessons for the week


These lessons are compulsory and must be completed each day.

Monday 1st March
Tuesday 2nd March

Wednesday 3rd March



Design a badge with your favourite number on it. Tell everyone all about your number!

Have a go at these colour multiplication puzzles or draw and colour your own multiplication flower.

Art Lesson Online: Teach symmetry using art! Beautiful & simple activity, perfect for home & school!

In this video you will learn how to create amazing colour collages using lines of symmetry. This is a fantastic art lesson activity, especially if you are lo...

Have a look at the end of day power point and reflect on your day.

Thursday 4th March



Please click on the link to take you to all of the activities for today!
Friday 5th March

Screen Free Friday afternoon.

Choose to do something away from your laptop, Ipad or phone.


But don't forget the quiz on Google Meet at 2pm to show how much you have learned this week!