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Friday 29th January

Good Morning Nursery!


1. Today we are learning about the life cycle of a bean. Jasper's plant started as a bean, and because he looked after it by watering it, it grew into a tall beanstalk.


Can you watch these videos to learn all about the life cycle of a plant and what plants need to grow? Some of the words are a little bit tricky but the main vocabulary I would like you to learn is seed, soil, roots, stem, leaves, flower, grow, water, sunlight

2. Now you know the main steps of how a seed turns into a beanstalk, can you cut and stick the steps in order?

3. In order for plants to grow they need to be planted in soil and watered every day. We love to explore and play in mud in Nursery, so this afternoon I would like you to go outside and play in the mud! You could make a mud soup, or a fairy potion by adding leaves and things in. What do all your resources you have found look, feel, smell like?

Today's Nursery Rhyme is Little Bo Peep
Today's story is The Tiny Seed