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Spring Week 3 w.b. 18/01/21

Year 3 - Monday 18th January 


1. This week we are starting to look at a new book, The BFG!  Complete the first English lesson - To identify the main characters and the setting in a visual narrative by following the link below. 

2. Today we will be consolidating our multiplication and division knowledge.  Complete Part 1, including the intro quiz and the exit quiz, also try the worksheets if you can,  just click on the link below.

3. We are continuing with our new Science topic - Light and Dark. today we will be looking at - How can we see objects? Complete the lesson by following the link below. Don't forget to try the quiz at the end to see what you have learnt. 

4. For PE we are continuing with our Dance unit. Join in with the PE lesson by following the link below.