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Monday 1st March

Good Morning Nursery, one more week of home learning before we are all back together again. We are so excited to see you all. This week our Nursery Rhyme focus is Insey Winsey Spider. We are looking forward to seeing you on our Google Meet at 1pm today where we can sing the rhyme together.


Before we start our learning, we are going to start the week with some collective worship together. 

1. Lets start off our learning by singing the Nursery Rhyme. Do you remember the actions we use in nursery when we sing the rhyme?

2. Today we are going to practice our counting. I have got some numbered spider webs. Can you draw the correct amount of spiders on the web? I also have a spider counting sheet you can complete. 

3. Today we are going to learn the sound 'p' with Rosie. Can you have a go at writing p using the letter rhyme to help?
I also have another Fred game for you to play
Today's rhyming story is What the Ladybird Heard. Can you hear any of the rhyming words?